The Smart All-in-one IoT sensor for Environmental Data

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Un dispozitiv, multe masuratori

UbiBot ® WS1 este echipat cu senzori de nivel industrial care va ofera masuratori exacte ale conditiilor de mediu. Sonda de temperatura optionala va permite sa monitorizati lichide, solul sau alte medii greu de accesibile cu dispozitivele conventionale.


Temperature Sensor

Precision         ±0.3℃

Range     – 40 to 85℃

             – 40 to 185ºF


Humidity Sensor

Precision         ±3%RH

Range          0 to 100%


Ambient Light Sensor

Precision                ±2%

Range   0.01 to 83K lux


Vibration Index Sensor

Precision              4mg

Range         – 16 to 16g


External Temperature Sensor

Precision           ±0.5℃

Range     – 55 to 125℃

                – 67 to 257ºF

The sensor precision might fluctuate slightly in actual usage because of environment condition, deployed position, etc. See user guide for detailed parameters.

A revolutionary cloud-based solution

The UbiBot ® WS1 can connect to the network using WiFi. It automatically synchronises its data to the UbiBot ® IoT Platform. This gives you secure access to your monitoring data from anywhere in the world via the website or our App


 Ws1 functioneaza si fara conexiune la retea si nu va dezamagi!

UbiBot ® WS1 detine a memorie interna care continua sa inregistreze si sa stocheze datele chiar daca nu are retea. Daca reteaua nu este disponibila, dumneavoastra veti fi anuntati.


Stylish Design and Impressive Features

We are on a mission to revolutionise your environmental data sensing. WS1 is the most accurate WiFi sensor device and offers real-time alerts.


Wifi IconWiFi connection

Global access to your data

Keep track of historical data trends

Multiple sensors work seamlessly together

Notifications when and where you want

Uses standard AA batteries


WiFi: requires 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n), channels 1-13 network. (5GHz WiFi is NOT supported)

WiFi Security: supports OPEN, WEP, or WPA/WPA2 types

WiFi Channel Width: supports 20MHz or „Auto” setting

Compatibility: iOS 9.0+, Android 6.0+, or Windows 7+

Power Source: 2 x AA batteries / Micro USB (5V/2A)

Battery Life: 4-6 months*

Ports:1 Mini USB, 1 Micro USB

Length: 2.56’’ (65mm)

Height: 2.56’’ (65mm)

Width: 0.65’’(1.6.5mm)

On-board memory: >300,000 sensing records

External probe: supports DS18B20 temperature probe(optional extra)

Finish material : flame resistant ABS+PC

Weight: 32 ± 3g( without batteries)

Sensing Range:Temperature -4℉ to 140℉(-20℃ to 60℃), Humidity:10% to 90%

Device Setting: supports minimum device sync interval (upload) is 1 minute, and minimum sensing interval is 1 minute (Temperature, Humidity, Light, External Probe and Battery Voltage).

Alert Types: supports APP push notifications, email, sms text and phone call alerts. Alerts can be set on numeric-based sensor readings and network status (e.g. when connection is lost or batteries are low). All alerts are sent from the UbiBot Cloud.

Compare UbiBot ® smart sensor devices

There are two versions of the UbiBot ® smart sensor. Both are built on the same underlying IoT sensor technology. However the WS1 Pro adds significant features as shown in the table below